Get your writing and book projects DONE!

As the author of two non-fiction books of her own, and two for publishing companies, Melanie Rubin understands the challenges of non-fiction writing and publishing. It can be overwhelming to create a structure for your book, and see the project through to completion. This is also true for graduate theses and dissertations.

Melanie is available to help with structuring and editing non-fiction writing for publication, as well as to coach you through the process.

I was hopelessly stuck and unable to make any progress on my way overdue PhD dissertation. Working with Melanie helped me to identify the old, unproductive habits that I needed to release. She also guided me to discover new, more effective techniques that not only lifted me from my rut but also have continued to serve me in my career as a college professor and award-winning scholar. Without Melanie’s help, I likely would have stayed stuck and would not have the professional life I so enjoy today.


Ivy League Professor