Get the job or consulting contracts you want!

You’re great at what you do. Now you want to get hired so you can do it!

Job hunting – or looking for consulting work – can be challenging and stressful. Since these days everything is electronic, how employers or clients find you online, and how you present yourself online, is critical.


  • Redo your resume with the correct keyword and formatting strategies, and to make sure ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software will pull you out of the heap of the potentially hundreds of resumes submitted online for a given position;
  • Redo your LinkedIn profile to maximize the likelihood that recruiters will come to you;
  • Review your social media and Google presence and make recommendations for improvement as needed;
  • Write compelling cover letters; and
  • Make all of your online and offline materials consistent, which is so important in the hiring process.

As a personal/professional business coach certified by Coach University, Melanie can also help you clarify your career and job hunting goals.


  • Create or update your website for Search Engine Optimization to help you get found;
  • Place your services with appropriate online listing services to increase your visibility and direct traffic to your website;
  • Create or edit a LinkedIn profile that maximizes your visibility to the clients you are seeking;
  • Write articles or blog posts that get attention online and direct people to you;
  • Produce a marketing brochure or flyer about your services that can be emailed or printed;
  • Streamline your resume to present the most relevant information, in a compelling format;
  • Identify key client prospects; and
  • Contact these organizations on your behalf to market your services;

Making a career or job transition is not easy in midlife. Melanie helped me create a resume that maximized the presentation of my career assets and experience. She took the time to listen and understand my questions. She also helped me with career and skill development goals to complement my past experience. This was the support I needed with next steps towards getting a new job.


Classroom Teacher, Albuquerque, NM

Download samples of job hunting materials Melanie has completed: