Melanie Rubin is a skilled trainer and group facilitator. She has designed and delivered over a hundred trainings locally, nationally, and internationally for groups ranging from 5 to over 100 people. She is an experienced and humorous public speaker, who creates interactive presentations that adjust depending on the needs of the group and the mood of the moment. Melanie is also adept at producing multi-faceted educational events that engage the participant in learning that is both fun and effective.

Working with Melanie was an excellent experience. ~Linda

If you are remotely curious about one of Melanie’s events, go for it! They are definitely worth it. ~Peter

Melanie is a great facilitator with deep understanding of people’s behavior, and respect for everyone. ~Raquel

Training Services include:

  • Creating learning goals and objectives for educational and training programs.
  • Working with subject matter experts to identify content for a specific learning initiative.
  • Designing stand-up, web-based, video, or online learning programs.
  • Delivering training in-person or virtually.
  • Facilitating groups.

Please contact Melanie for assistance with your training development and delivery needs.